Make Room

Our Latest Efforts

78.4 is our effort to join together as a congregation for participation in “Make Room.” “78.4” is an individual commitment of $78.40 a month for 6 months as a way to collectively declare the words of Psalm 78:4, “we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.”

Why Are We Making Room?

As our community continues to literally build up around us, each Sunday seems to come with an increased need for more room. From maxed-out parking space, to auditorium space, to a kid's area that is filled to capacity, what once felt like more than enough room suddenly feels overcrowded. Together, we have done our best to make adjustments, but now it’s time to MAKE ROOM.

How Are We Making Room?

In the most literal sense, we have the opportunity to MAKE ROOM by expanding our current facility with an additional 11,440 square feet dedicated for children and students; another 2,188 square feet to expand our auditorium; and additional parking to accommodate additional growth.

Who Are We Making Room For?

This expansion is ultimately about more than just additional square footage. By choosing to MAKE ROOM in this way we will be making room for:
The Next Generation as this space will serve as a catalyst for children to build their lives around the reality of a God in heaven who knows them, loves them, and has a plan for their life.
The Neighborhood by providing space for neighbors, new and old, to connect and reconnect with God in a personal way.
The Nations. Our prayer is that the room we make among us would have ripple effects far beyond us ... for the glory of God and the good of others.

How Can I Give Financially?

We have a goal of $2,227,500 to raise and you can join us in getting there! Your financial gift can be contributed over many months or all at once and if you are currently a financial contributor to Alamo Community Church, we ask that this amount be above and beyond your normal giving.
Our goal is to make participation easy by allowing you to get involved in the way that makes the most sense for you. You can give in person by dropping your gift in one of the two black boxes outside the main auditorium doors. You can give online with a one-time gift or set up a recurring cash donation through PushPay. If your above-and-beyond resources are stored in assets other than cash, such as stock, IRAs, or even your will or trust, you can also give from those resources online through our partner Overflow. Not only can you use these resources to make an incredible impact, but this option will also allow you to eliminate capital gains taxes on your non-cash gift. Select an option below to give:

Check By Mail

If you prefer to give via check, you can make it payable to:

Alamo Community Church
5354 Talley Road, San Antonio, TX 78253 
ATTN: Make Room

If you utilize your bank’s online bill pay system, you will also want to make sure you edit your record to include “Make Room” on your memo line.


Is a pledge separate from a tithe?
A tithe follows scripture in giving the first ten percent of your earnings to God as an expression of honor and gratitude. A pledge is a solemn promise or undertaking offered in addition to our regular tithe.
Once we pledge, how do we pay for it (monthly, quarterly, or annually)?
Pledging tells us how much you will contribute to the campaign over the next 18 months. It’s up to you to pay installments or in full. You can give a check or cash and put it in one of the black boxes in the lobby, use our PushPay app, or contribute stock donations.
Can I contribute stocks?
Yes. You can contribute directly from your IRA or 401K account or give stock directly to ACC by selecting “Give Stocks” in the “How Can I Pledge?” section above.
What is this capital campaign for?
This capital campaign is to raise the funds needed to expand our current building and MAKE ROOM to accommodate additional growth.
What does the campaign look like?
Our Make Room Campaign is designed for 18 months and broken into two phases.1) First is to raise an initial $1,000,000 to start the building process.2.) Once construction begins, we must finish raising the remaining goal amount of $1,227,500 before construction is completed.The overall goal is $2,227,500.
How big will the building be?
We will be increasing our building by 13,628 square feet to accommodate children, students, and adults.
How many more seats will we add in the main auditorium?
The auditorium building addition is 2,188 square feet. We will reconfigure rows to have 756 seats in the auditorium.
How many classrooms will be added?
We are adding five classrooms for elementary grade levels. We will also have five new adult classrooms. There will also be new gathering spaces for adults and students.
Will there be more parking?
Yes, we will double the number of parking spaces with additional paved parking areas.
The church building is less than 3 years old. Do we need an addition already?
As the city of San Antonio continues to expand outside Loop 1604, the Talley Road area has become one of the fastest growing areas of our city. As our community has experienced rapid growth, so has our church. We are routinely at capacity in both our Children’s Ministry area and Auditorium space. The new addition will not only help ease the immediate strain on our volunteers, staff, and building, but will also better equip us to meet the needs of a growing community and further the mission of connecting and reconnecting people to God.
Can we just add more services?
We added an additional third service in October 2022, which helped ease some of the capacity strain at the time. However, this was always viewed as a “temporary solution” for our space issues. The third service added to the workload of both our staff team and hundreds of weekly ACC volunteers. We believe adding a fourth service would stretch our volunteer teams, staff teams, and pastors to a pace that is neither healthy, nor sustainable.
How long will it take to build the new additions?
Once construction begins, we anticipate it will take about 12 months to complete, however it could be completed sooner or later depending on various contingencies.
Will we have any work days where we as a church can help in the building of these new areas?
How will construction impact Sunday services and the Children’s Ministry?
There will be minimal impact to our current weekly gatherings.
If you have any questions, please email our Director of Finance and Operations, Lauren Ladd, at