At ACC, we believe that spiritual growth happens best in circles, not rows, and our ACC Community Groups provide the perfect environment.

These small group settings, dispersed throughout northwest San Antonio, meet weekly to foster friendship, support, and spiritual growth. We believe that life is more fulfilling when lived in community, and our Community Groups aim to create opportunities for you to make new friends and take meaningful next steps in your journey with God.

As we enjoy the Summer, our Community Group ministry will take a break. This pause allows families to enjoy the flexibility of the summer schedule fully. However, fret not! We have plenty of other exciting opportunities for you to connect and grow in your faith and identity in Christ.

We're thrilled to announce the return of Community Groups on September 10th at 5 pm with an exciting new event called "Group Launch"! Group Launch is a one-night event centered around food and fun designed for the purpose of connecting you to a community group at ACC. It’s a chance to discover what Groups look like, how they function, meet group leaders, and connect with people just like you searching for a group. If you’ve considered joining Community Groups, this event is for you!