College Group

Connecting to people is a huge part of our mission at ACC. That's why we're so excited about connecting with a large community right here in the Alamo Ranch area: college students. Come hang out with Ben and Kalista Hesch, our new college group leaders, right here at ACC every Tuesday from 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM!

College Group Leaders

Ben and Kalista Hesch

Ben and Kalista Hesch are a couple driven by their shared passion for discipleship and are currently serving together in the young adult ministry. Both were originally from Wisconsin. The high school sweethearts moved to San Antonio and married in 2020. Ben and Kal enjoy exploring the city's endless food spots, relaxing at coffee shops, and traveling whenever possible. Ben tries to avoid the heat on long runs in his free time and loves diving into books and going to the movies. You will always find Kal cooking up something new in the kitchen. She is energized by music, and her fun-loving presence brightens any room. As leaders of the young adult ministry, Ben and Kalista are devoted to walking with the next generation in their pursuit of God. They are committed to fostering a community of people who grow together in the way of Jesus.