Alamo Community Kids

Alamo Community Kids Ministry Mission

We seek to CONNECT kids to God and LEAD them into a GROWING relationship with Jesus.

CONNECT– We seek to connect kids to God through exciting hands-on learning experiences. We make understanding the Bible accessible for all ages through age appropriate activities that include; scripture read alouds, discussions, arts/crafts, worship, and play.

GROW– We seek to share the gospel of salvation and lead kids into a growing
relationship with Jesus! We equip them to deepen their relationship with Jesus by encouraging them to read the Bible daily, apply their learning in their everyday life, memorize scripture, attend church regularly, get baptized, and share the gospel with others!

LEAD– We encourage our kids to be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving others inside and outside our church community! We seek opportunities for them to volunteer inside ACC Kids Ministry and in church community projects.

VBS MEGA Sports Camp Registration

Join us for VBS MEGA Sports Camp June 27-29th at Alamo Ranch Community Center (1st-6th grade only) Click the button below to register. Complete the registration form, and for information email

Coming for the first time?

Arrive just a few minutes early and allow our Alamo Community Kids staff to show you around as well as collect the necessary check-in information to ensure the safety and security of your little one.


Interested in volunteering on the Alamo Community Kids Team? Download the background check and click the Alamo Community Kids Signup Form below.

Interested in volunteering on the Alamo Community Kids Team?

Would you like to contribute to work with others like yourself who have a desire to accelerate Alamo Community Church? Apply now!